Wall Putty - 510


Surface Preparation

Remove loose sand particles, dust, dirt, efflorescence or any other foreign material from the plastered surface with medium size emery paper or steel trowel. Pour sufficient amount of clean potable water to neutralize the suction of the background. Allow the free water to completely evaporate from the surface before the application of putty- Dicofix 510.

Mixing of Wall Putty

Dicofix 510 is in dry powder form and has to be mixed with water before the application. Always place some water in the bucket and then add powdered dry mix material into it. Mix the material with electrical stirrer to homogeneous paste by adding remaining quantity of water. Let the mixed material stand for 10-15 minutes and again mix it without adding any extra quantity of water.

Application Procedure

Wall Putty is applied with the help of special steel trowel or putty blade. Apply first coat of putty on the prepared surface to fill the pores and hairline cracks of plaster. The drying time of first coat is generally 3 hours. But it depends on the weather conditions and the thickness of the coat. Apply second coat of putty smoothly to cover the entire surface.

The total thickness of the putty should not exceed 1.5 mm. White Portland cement based putty has self-curing properties therefore water curing is not required. But the care should be taken to avoid fast drying of putty under extreme dry weather conditions

After three days when the putty surface becomes completely dry and glossy, rub the surface if required with fine water proofing emery paper to remove the marks of putty blade. Wipe off the loose dust with a moist cloth. Now the surface is ready for applying any type of paint on it.


Dicofix 510 must be applied strictly according to the method of application mentioned in this technical data sheet. Dicofix will not be held responsible for any claim arising out of non performance of the product due to incorrect application procedure or usage of product for non recommended purpose.

Health & Safety

Dicofix 510 contains Portland cement, which after mixing with water becomes strongly alkaline and may cause skin irritation if exposed to such conditions for a long time. Avoid inhalation of dust and in case of contact with eyes and skin, wash with plenty of clean water and take medical help if required. Work in well ventilated condition and use protective kits such as mask, gloves and spectacles. Keep the materials out of the reach of children.